Thursday, July 18, 2013

Beating the Heat

It's hot. 
Like really hot.
Too hot for Hadley to be at the pool in the middle of the day without a serious fan.  
But that means I am sitting in the heat w/o really being able to swim so I'd rather just stay home. 

But staying home means the kids are often at each other's throats. 
Or watching TV. 
Or playing their Kindles/iPads. 

But - it's summer so who cares. 
Next summer we'll be back in full force at the pool.  

For now - this is how Jack and Ri stay cool: 

And Little Miss Priss and I vegged on the couch so she could finish up the cat nap she started in her crib.  

I miss our little naps on the couch together. 
I will take them any chance I can get. 

Until next time...

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