Monday, July 22, 2013


It's Monday. 
We made it through another week of the summer. 
Only five more weeks.  
I am not sure if that makes me smile or frown. 
I guess it depends on the day.  Or the hour. 

Ri has dance camp again this week and Jack has baseball two days.   
Just enough to keep us busy. 
We have plans to hook up with some friends this week and Jack has a sleepover as well so it will be a busy, yet fun, week for the kids. 

The boys played in their third Father/Son Golf tournament this weekend.   I guess they came in 4th out of 14.  Not too bad. 
Jack is obsessed with golf these days and it makes Todd very happy.  

Oh yeah- I think (THINK) Hadley is officially sleeping all night.  
Friday, Saturday and Sunday night she slept from 7:00 ish until 6:30 ish.  

I hope it lasts. 

Until next time...

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