Monday, June 3, 2013

Girls, Girls, Girls

When we found out we were having a boy - just about 10 years ago now - I was ecstatic. 
Ecstatic for Todd to have a son. 
Ecstatic for Gammy and Poppy to have a grandson after two granddaughters. 
Ecstatic for me, because we all know boys love their mommas. 

I envisioned watching my son grow up on a various field or another. 
I envisioned my life just as it is - with a son. 

Then we had a daughter. 
I wasn't so sure what to do with a little girl. 
I'm not the girliest of girls so would I be able to raise a girl?
Of course - little did I know seven years ago but mommas just figure it out. 
Boy or girl it all works out. 
I was just thankful for one of each - and healthy to boot!
And then God blessed us with another one 6 and 3/4 years later!  

Speaking of girls....

Yesterday I took Riley and her friend Maleigh out to lunch and then downtown to watch Ri's very dear friend Addy's dance recital. 
We had such a good time. 
My favorite part of the afternoon was eavesdropping on the girls talking in the car. 
The jokes they were telling were only funny to a six year old. 
They were so NOT funny that I actually was giggling to myself that Ri and Maleigh actually THOUGHT they were funny. 

Here's Ri and Maleigh:

(I heard about this really cool app called A Beautiful Mess that allows you to write on your pics, etc...)

Riley with Addy and Maleigh.   Addy did such a great job!  I am so glad we went. 

Oh yes- my sweet Haddie!   She went to the pool for the 1st time on Friday - we sat in the shade and she did great while Jack and Ri swam. 

She is smiling all the time now.  This AM I was holding her and she smiled at Todd NO LESS than 7-8 times in a row!   I love how her eyes close when she smiles big. 

Hello cheeks!!

Until next time....

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