Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Way to Go

Yesterday was a good day for the Milligan big kids. 

Riley had her kindergarten graduation party. 
Each student was presented with an award. 
Riley received the "kindest friend" award.  
It moved me to tears.  Really.
Her teacher told the audience that whenever anyone needs anything they go to Riley because she is known as the person who always shares!  She even broke her brown crayon in half b/c a boy was upset he didn't have that color. 
This makes me happy because above all else I want my daughter to be a good friend, respectful and kind.  
I see the other side of her at home from time to time and luckily her teacher never sees that side (or so she says). 

And Jack?
Well- he tested into the Academically and Intellectually Gifted program at school for math for next year. 
He missed the reading program by one lousy percentage point but he's good with it.  
According to Jack he says "I don't want to ready more anyway Mom."
Which is true- the kid would rather be slamming a ball against the house then indoors reading. 
Can't say I blame him.
They'll retest him next spring for 5th grade but for now we're thrilled he gets the chance to be challenged in math with his peer group. 

We capped off the day with a trip to DQ!   Yummmm....

Me and my girls at Ri's party. 

Ri and her kindergarten friends: Ashley, Georgia, Makenna and Danielle. 

Another shot of us three ladies. 

The best teacher ever: Ms. D!   We love her so very much and will miss her greatly.

Until next time....

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