Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend Fun

Three day weekends should be mandatory once a month. 
It's been such a great weekend and the best part about it?  It didn't end on Sunday. 
Todd has the kids at the pool this afternoon for the first time this season.  
I have a feeling the water is still pretty cool but the kids were excited. 
Mae and I stayed back - she needed a good solid sleep.  (So did I actually.) 
She napped on my chest for an hour and has been asleep in her cozy seat for another hour now. 

Speaking of sleep. 
Masie was a HUGE trooper this weekend. 
She cranked out four baseball games - getting to the fields an hour before both days for warm ups - and a party lasting until dark last night.  
She did great.  Thank God for Baby Bjorn's.   She snoozed away in that thing for hours and hours.  

Emma and Ava came to visit for a few hours on Saturday to meet Masie for the 1st time.  
It was short and sweet and we look forward to lots of time with them this summer. 

Jack's team finished up their spring season this weekend. 
Jack's pitching is amazing and I he's declared it's his favorite position to play.  
They went 2-2 - losing both games to the best two teams in the league. 
They played those teams well and held their own for sure. 
We're super proud of how far they've come. 
They've bonded very well and really have a great time together. 
The parents all get along great too so that makes it even better. 


Watching Jack play. 

Thank God for Sophie.  These two have lots of fun together. 

Jack is finally getting more and more aggressive at the plate.  He had his best weekend at the plate. 

I love watching him pitch.  He's so strong and looks like a natural. 

Masie chilling in her stroller.   

The boys between games.  

Sour candy treats!

EMMA!!!  We were so glad they came!

Oldest and youngest. 

Humm- someone's not too happy. 

What a trooper. 

Until next time...

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