Friday, May 24, 2013

A Game of Catch

Getting Jack and Riley to play together is often easier than it sounds. 
The funny thing is... Riley wants to play with Jack. 
But - Jack often only wants to crush the ball against the wall and catch it.  
He even has these small soft balls he slams against the walls inside the house (lucky for him these balls do not leave a mark) and catches with his old glove.  

So - when Ri wants to play with Jack it more often that not revolves around some sport. 

A couple of days ago a wicked afternoon thunderstorm plowed through and in its' wake was some cooler weather.  Granted - the cools temps only lasted a couple of hours -but it was enough for the kids to enjoy some 'quality time together outside.'  I use the term 'quality time' loosely.   

Jack convinced Riley to play catch with him.  
But in pure Riley fashion she said, "Yes - I will play catch with you only if I can pitch."
Jack obliged and they actually played together. 

No whining. 
No tattle-taling. 
No one hurt. 
No one annoyed me. 
They got along. 

Makes for one happy momma. 

(Since when did my boy go and grow up on me?) Makes me sad and happy at the same time.

Until next time...

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