Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Little Bit of This... Little Bit of That

So Miss Priss #2 has been a little cranky the last day or so. 
She's been eating a TON and has been sleeping TONS today so I am just going to chalk it up to a growth spurt. 
Who knows. 
Riley was a bit upset with me yesterday because she wanted me to play with her but Masie wasn't cooperating. 
As soon as Masie passed out I was sure to play a series of UNO games w/ Ri.   But wouldn't you know that prompted Jack to say: "But you never play with me."
I can't do it all.  I try but when the baby is fussy she gets 95% of my attention. 
It could be a long summer....
Let's hope not. 

The next three pictures are of each of the kids at 6 weeks old.
See any similarities?
Poor Jack barely had any hair. 
I think Ri and Mae's faces are shaped similarly. 
I am so glad I am a picture whore (although most of my pics on taken on my phone these days).  It's so much fun to compare the three of them. 

While I was digging for pics of Jack and Ri at 6 weeks I ran across these pics from Ri exactly SIX years ago. 
Funny thing - she still makes those faces to this day. 
Gotta love her. 

Jack really does love his baby sister. 
He told Todd recently: "It's not so bad having a baby sister."
I hope he always feels that way about her.  Maybe since there's such an age gap between them he'll have a different type of relationship w/ her than he does with Ri.   Time will tell. 

Poor Jack was clocked in the nose this past weekend. 
He was at short stop and a ball took a bad bounce and hit him - bloody nose and all. 
It's still tender a couple of days later. 

Jack pitched on Saturday.  I really love watching him pitch.  He's a natural on the mound and controls the ball so well. 
This weekend is our last weekend of baseball for the summer!
Can't wait. 

After a long day at the fields on Saturday we just hung out Saturday night. 
We pulled out random appetizers and had a cocktail or two and simply hung out. 
Todd noticed the irony of these drinks on the end table and snapped a pic. 

Todd: wine
Me: Cider beer
Ri: water in her 'cheetah' cup
Ri: sippy cup of chocolate milk (no clue why she busted out the old sippy cups)
Mae: bottle
We're just missing jack's gatorade and we'd be all set!

Until next time...

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