Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Three Weeks

Three weeks.
Twenty-One days.
504 plus hours.

That's how long we have been a family of five.
I'm not used to that phrase yet: family of 5.
I still look at Hadley and cant' believe she's ours.

Most of the time she's a joy.
But when she has been awake for a while and is over tired?? Forgetaboutit....
All hell breaks loose.
Seriously though, she does get herself over tired and needs to be held tight in order to fall asleep. 
But other than that small amount of time we are really enjoying her.
She is growing like a weed - already busting out of newborn clothes.  Newborn diapers are 'so yesterday.'  We've moved onto size 1's. 

See for yourself:

Jack and two of his best buddies skipped the 2nd half of school today to go to the Wells Fargo Golf tournament.
Jack was able to introduce them to our friend Doug who is playing this week. 
Looks like they had a blast.

This is the look I get half the time when I'm trying to feed Mae Mae.
She is always falling asleep on me.
Rough life.

Special treat for my big girl while the boys were at the golf tourney.

Until next time...

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