Saturday, May 4, 2013

Time is Flying

Is is really May already?
As in May 4th?
Last time I checked it was April. 
Each day flies by so darn quickly. 
No more down time. 
Busy, busy, busy. 
Maybe the summer will slow down a bit. 
For some reason I don't think so.

Actually I am not sure summer will ever arrive. 
It's in the 50's today - on May 4th. 
It better warm up quick or Hadley is going to grow right out of all the cute three month clothes in her closet.  
She's already fitting into some three months things- her torso is so long.  
We shivered and shivered through baseball and left after the 1st game. 
Just a bit too much for my sweet Haddie Mae Mae. 

Jack's team went 1-1 today and will probably get rained out again tmrw. 
That will make two Sundays in a row of rain outs. 
Only two more tournaments to go then we are officially off until mid-August!  WOHOO!

Ri's been OBSESSED with her string creations - the ones we made as kids. 
She's getting pretty good. 

Here she is: 

And some more pics from the week. 

Love love those cheeks.  And can her hair be any stinking cuter?  

I love her toes.  They are so tiny and sweet. 

And the lip pucker.  Oh - that chin?  Or those chins - shall I say?   Love them too.   

Just before a bath.  Grease monkey hair. 

Hadley's sweet fingers wrapped around mine.  

Ri all snuggled up with her little sis playing with her.   

My sweet girl all passed out on my chest.   If I didn't have two other kids, laundry to do and floors to clean I would stay like this all day long. 

This is what Hadley does much of the time when I try to feed her - pass out cold on me.  That's why it takes almost an hour to get a good feeding in her sometimes. 

At my baby shower the girls had everyone write fun notes on diapers.   We busted them out this week and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading them.   This was written by Aunt Tracy. 

Ri getting some floor time w/ her sis today. 

Silly girls. 

Ri's hair all fancy for a birthday party this afternoon.

No pics of Jack.
He's never home - either at school, a friends, practice or a tournament.
I do look forward to the summer so i can get some good quality time w/ my boy. 

Until next time....

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