Friday, April 26, 2013

Week Two and Then Some

Two weeks and three days old.
Time is flying by. 
I want to desperately pause time and keep her tiny. 
Keep those sweet little legs tucked under her belly when I hold her against my chest. 
Keep those cooing sounds. 
Keep those cheeks chubby. 

A little update on how she's doing: 

Hadley lost her belly button two days ago. 
I felt like it took forever. 
That gross thing is gone forever. 

Two nights ago we had a party in the middle of the night from 11:30-2:00. 
She was wide awake! 
No sleeping for her. 
Luckily last night she had it figured out and slept for 12 hours - eating every three but falling right back asleep in her crib. 

And speaking of crib - she took her 1st nap in her crib yesterday. 
The kids and I turned her video monitor on and watched her constantly. 
I had to wake her after an hour to eat so we could attend a meeting at school. 

Haddie Mae Mae loves to sit in the bouncy seat with the vibration on. 
She just chills and looks around. 
It's a great way for me to shower!

During the day she loves to be held and would prefer to nap that way. 
If we want her to sleep soundly she normally likes to fall asleep in our arms first. 
I love snuggling with her while she sleeps. 
It's so peaceful and quiet. 

My friend Tracy took a bunch of pics of Hadley in her studio. 
I am working on the birth announcements now.
Here's some of the pics she took. 
I love them!

Until next time....

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