Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 35 and then some

Well- four weeks left. 
Four weeks seems like an eternity but I keep thinking how fast the last 8 months have gone so it's not that bad. 
Hadley's around 6 pounds now and close to 18 1/2 inches - almost there!

Last week I started with some lower right back pain. 
It continued to get worse over the the weekend and this AM was almost unbearable. 
I called the DR and they referred me a to chiropractor that specializes in pregnant ladies. 
Luckily they were able to get me in right away this AM and it seems I have SI Joint Dysfunction - otherwise knows as sacroiliac joint dysfunction.   

I guess when women are pregnant the ligaments that hold the sacrum and the pelvic bone together loosen up and anything can trigger those ligaments to 'dysfunction.'  
Normally this happens b/w week 18-25 of pregnancy but I am 'lucky' b/c it didn't happen until week 25.   
I am not sure how this pain can be categorized as being 'lucky' but I am very thankful that I haven't had to deal w/ this since week 18 or so. 

I need to ice it as much as possible, go to chiro every day this week and maybe a few next week and not lift anything at all (or vacuum) ~~ those who know me well know I like my floors clean - it will be hard to NOT vacuum~~.  
I can't take any anti-inflammatory meds so I am on my own.  The chiro thinks he can get the pain way down to a manageable level.  
We'll see.   

So this is a comparison of this week v/c last week. 
Ri's fuzzy picture of me from today shocks me.  Man- have I gotten huge or what?
Miss Hadley has clearly dropped and it starting her long process of getting ready. 
Maybe that's what triggered this back pain. 

The pic below is of me the day I delivered Riley. 
Pretty darn close to where I am now! 
I have a feeling Hadley is going to be a big girl!
I am ok w/ that.  

I found a few pics of Jack I just had to share. 
These are all from when he was about 5-6 months old. 
 I forget what a tank he was. 
I loved his rolls - he had so many of them.   
I remember taking this pic of him on our bed grabbing his toes for the 1st time. 

Not sure who bought him this outfit but he looked like such a little golfer!

Sitting next to Daddy and 'working'.  This was when Todd 1st started his job at PricewaterHouse Coopers and was commuting from Columbia, SC to Charlotte.  I can't believe he's still at PWC. 

And Miss Priss. 
 I found this pic on the iPad last night. 
She took a bunch of herself using the PhotoBooth app. 
She now has the nickname of 'Snaggletooth."  
She will NOT let us pull her tooth! 
So frustrating. 
It's just hanging out in there- all crossed over her other loose tooth.
Now she has another loose tooth on the bottom of her mouth.
Let's hope she gets that snaggly one out quick!

Until next time...

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