Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Highs and Lows

The irony in the title of this post is not lost on me. 

Highs and Lows. 
First - mother nature. 
Mother Nature has been playing tricks on us the last week or so. 
This past weekend was gorgeous.  Beyond gorgeous. 
Jack played in his first baseball tournament of the weekend and it hovered in the low 70s with full sun all weekend. 
Of course I forgot my camera both days (I don't think I have ever forgotten my camera for a sporting event).   
Nonetheless - it was a great weekend. 
Monday it was cold and rainy. 
Tuesday started gloomy and chilly and ended up quite pleasant and sunny.
You see the pattern here - highs and lows. 
Today and tomorrow?  Freezing.  I don't think it's supposed to reach the 50's tmrw.  
Outdoor baseball practice tmrw night should be fun for Jack. 

Highs and lows. 
I am in the midst of a deep, deep low with this pregnancy.
My lower back is so out of line that the chiropractor is having a hard time giving me relief. 
He's been so sweet and is trying acupuncture, trigger bead things in my ears, and adjusting my back. 
Unfortunately he can't adjust me fully until Hadley arrives and I can lie on my stomach. 
He recommended a lady who specializes in prenatal facials/massages/relaxation. 
I made an appointment for a 90 minute treatment on Monday after I see the chiro. 

Yesterday was almost rock bottom.  
It was a gorgeous day - Jack and Riley were outside - playing nicely together - and I was inside lying on the couch icing my back.
No fun. 
A few tears were shed. 
Jack and Ri offered to make me dinner - how sweet. 
Needless to say we had dinner delivered. 
I managed to get outside for a bit and snap some pics of the kids enjoying the beautiful weather. 

I know this pain is temporary and will all be worth it in the long wrong. 
But honestly- I am ready to get my life back. 
I am ready to feel good about myself and move around without pain or discomfort. 
Luckily the DR says they will induce at 39 weeks if I am still in this much pain. 
That's three weeks from now.  
I can do it. 
Before we know it- we'll be family of five - not four. 

Soon enough. 
Soon enough. 

Until next time...

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