Thursday, March 21, 2013

Number Three

Ri lost her 3rd tooth. 
For two weeks her tooth has been hanging on ever so slightly. 
Todd's tried to pull it on more than one occasion. 
(Momma doesn't pull teeth). 
A few days ago she knocked it while playing with Jack and it was so loose it literally stuck OUT STRAIGHT from her mouth. 

Our friend Carrie is a pediatric dentist and pulls kids teeth out every day. 
She dropped her son off on Wednesday so we could take him to practice and she pulled Ri's tooth right out. 
Ri said it didn't even hurt.
There was some blood but she chewed on a paper towel and all was well with the world within a couple of minutes. 

This pic of her is so adorable. 
She's super proud of herself and it shows in the picture. 
Looks like we'll be going through this again soon because her other top tooth is fairly loose and a 3rd one on the bottom is now loose. 
Let's hope those teeth don't snaggle as much as this one did. 

Until next time....

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