Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Three more weeks of hell :)- 
I have never experienced this type of back pain in my life. 
Walking two feet hurts - 24 hours a day.
It seems all I do is ice my back, sit in the recliner and lie on the couch. 
Or sleep.
Nothing else. 
I am not good at being bored so this is testing my patience. 
My poor kids. 
And my help (my sweet mom) goes home tmrw!  :((- 
Thank goodness the kids are going to the beach for 4 days with my in-laws. 
I can't fathom having them all day long in this type of pain.  

I am hoping and praying the DRs will induce me in two weeks - when I reach the 39 week mark.
That's the only thing that will alleviate my pain.
So - come on Miss Hadley Mae - feel free to make your entrance at any time!

And my goodness- this picture is gross. 
I cannot believe I walk around like this.....

Until next time...

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