Thursday, March 28, 2013


Years ago Jack was super crazy into Legos.
I have written about his creations numerous times. 
For 2-3 years that's all he wanted for every birthday, Christmas and special occasion. 
He'd save up money to buy Lego sets and build them right away.
Soon thereafter though he would take it apart to build something of his own creation.
He had an eye for building them and rarely needed any help following the directions. 

I can't even come close to imagining Riley having the patience to put together anything.  In fact- I am sure her brain doesn't work that way.  Puzzles are hard for her too - not Jack. 


Over the last two years he has probably played with those Legos a 1/2 dozen times. 

They sit in big bins in the playroom, untouched.   I have consolidated those bins and extra Legos over time and I bet if I put them in the attic he wouldn't know the difference. 

But - Jack still has that 'building gene' inside of him.
Although now it's more of a 'real life' building and not with small plastic toys. 

This winter he's been slightly obsessed with the DIY channel.
Last winter it was animal shows - this winter DIY shows. 

Shows like The Vanilla Ice Project,  House of Bryan, Rehab Addict, House Crashers etc... all fascinate Jack.  
He talks about saws, tiles, adhesive and grouting.
It's rather comical and pretty neat at the same time. 
He wants to be a builder one day. 
We'll see. 

For months now he's wanted to tile something.
This past weekend was the perfect time.  It was rainy and cold and his 2nd baseball tournament was postponed until late May. 

We have tons of tile left over from the builder who built this house and Todd had some plywood lying around in his workshop. 
So all Jack needed was some adhesive, spacers, grout and a trowel thingie. 

I swear Jack was so excited he could barely contain his energy!

The final project - with grout and all! 
Who knows what the boys are planning to do with this 'masterpiece' but the smile on Jack's face was worth it!

Until next time.....

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