Thursday, March 14, 2013

School Days

Todd was out of town last night so I took the kids to school today. 
Normally that's Daddy's job.  
For some reason watching my kids get out of the car and walk side by side into the school made me overly emotional today.
They are growing up so fast. 

 I found myself looking back for old 'First Day of School' posts on my blog this AM. 
Argh- more emotions.
They both just seem so darn grown up. 

Riley claims kindergarten is 'babyish' and boring and she's ready for 1st grade. 
I keep telling her she'll be there soon enough. 
She's really soared this year with her reading/writing. 
They are finally doing some real math and not just tracing numbers and counting so hopefully she'll continue to grow in math department as well. 
Her report card yesterday was awesome.  High scored all around.  

Last night Jack didn't feel that good.  
He had a stomach ache when we got to baseball practice. 
We turned around and came home - he took care of business and enjoyed a long hot shower before going to bed early. 
I told him last night that if he got sick at all during the night he couldn't go to school today. 
He was not happy. 
I guess today they find out who's in their Book Clubs in their classroom and he's really excited about that. 
What a nerd!  I love it. 
Lucky for him he's just fine and was able to go to school.  
I hope he gets who he wants in his book club.  I can almost guarantee he's with all girls.  Never fails. 
Jack made straight A's again this report card.  He had a 100, 98, 97 and 96 and a 4 in writing (highest you can get).   I think it's the best he's done this year. 
We are super proud of him and how far he's come this year.  

Jack's first baseball tournament is this weekend. 
I am excited to see the boys play. 
Ri doesn't have lacrosse this Sunday so I am hoping to make it through all of Jack's games - if my body can take it.  

Until next time....

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