Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Week 34

Week 34 is in the books. 
Five weeks from today Miss Priss # 2 is due to arrive. 
But if I am honest with myself I will be happy with any date after April 1st. 

I feel like a big lumpy marshmallow just waiting to pop. 
Jack said to me this AM - "Mom - your belly looks bigger this morning."
Yep son - your sister is in there wrecking havoc on my body!  
Babycenter.com says my uterus is now tucked under my rib cage. 
So that explains why I have a constant dull ache under my ribs in the left side. 
Hadley weighs over 5 lbs now - I want her to keep packing on the pounds.  Bigger babies sleep better - if I remember correctly. 

I went to the maternity store yesterday to find a few short sleeve shirts. 
I tried on these cute jean capris.  Not going to work. 
I am going to stick w/ stretchy clothes the last month of this pregnancy. 
Comfort is all that matters anymore. 

The car seat is here - not installed - but here - so I feel like we're ready. 
The crib is put together and set up. 
Not much else to do in the 'getting ready for baby' department. 
That makes me smile. 

Until next time....

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