Saturday, March 2, 2013

Little Bit of This and That

So Daddy's away on a boys weekend. 
One of the guys he's with just posted a pic on Facebook of them at a pizza place. 
Todd's in heaven eating pizza in CT with his buddies. 
I am so glad he was able to work it out and get up there before the baby comes and enjoy a weekend away.
He deserves it. 
Work's been so busy for him and our lives are about to get crazier so he needed a getaway. 

Paa Paa is here hanging with me and helping with the kids this weekend. 
She took them swimming this afternoon at an indoor pool and I took a long nap!
Any nap is heaven for me these days. 
Thank goodness she lives so close and is willing to come help whenever we need her. 

Jack was supposed to start tournament play this weekend but the coaches pushed the tournaments back two weeks so the boys could practice some more. 
Mother Nature has not been kind the last month or so and many of the boys outdoor practices have been moved indoors.
So - we now start up in two weeks. 

Riley starts lacrosse tomorrow and tennis on Monday. 
Both of them are just one hour clinics so there is not much of a time commitment but she's excited. 
It's my hope she'll find a sport she loves and sticks with for a while.
But- who knows.  
She has lots of interests- from art to dance to drama to playing 'teacher' to cheerleading to tennis.
We'll see if she sticks with any of them long enough to be worthwhile. 

Speaking of Mother Nature:  we had a little snowfall this AM. 
It's March people - we're not supposed to get snow in NC in March. 
We're supposed to be moving into spring by now. 

I was sifting through my old Shutterfly albums recently and ran across these two pics: 

Ri was just a month or so old in this picture. 
I still can't believe how much hair she had as a baby. 
I wonder if her sister will have the same amount. 

Here's Jack at 2 1/2. 
What a ham!
I am surprised he doesn't have his thumb in his mouth in the picture. 
He was OCD about his thumb at this stage in his life. 
What a cutie though! 
I would have to bribe him with $$ to wear that outfit these days. 

Our school just finished a wildly successful fundraiser: The Boosterthon Fun Run. 
We had a blast the last two weeks with our team of young energetic guys in our school teaching lessons on character, fitness, leadership and more. 

The kids had their Fun Run on Wednesday and both Jack and Riley maxed out at 35 laps.  They both could have easily run more but they cap it at 35 so people don't have to spend too much $$. 
If the majority of the pledges come in our school will profit close to $40,000.

Makes me smile because this was my last hurrah as PTO President - it was my baby!  
I hope we do it again next year. 
Here's Jack and some of his buddies from school: 

Here's Ri and her best bud Addy.
They crushed the Fun Run and had a blast. 
They ran side by side for most of it. 

As soon as I get my hands on the baby shower pics from last weekend I will do a big post with tons of pics - I can't wait to see them!
This past Thursday the ladies from the PTO hosted a nice luncheon for Miss Hadley. 
These were the cupcakes!  
How cute!  

See anything unusual about Riley in this pic?
Maybe a tooth that is sticking out, crooked and hanging sideways?
Yes - that would be her tooth. 
It's super loose and needs to come out but she won't pull it. 
There's no tooth coming in yet behind it so I am not worried about it.
It's come out when it's ready - or when she gets the courage to pull it. 
Maybe if it's still in when Daddy gets home he'll convince her to let him pull it. 
I can't - something about pulling a tooth freaks me out. 

That's it for now. 

Until next time...

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