Thursday, February 28, 2013

Like Brother Like Sister

I mentioned in a post a few weeks back that Jack's latest obsession is with playing the recorder. 
His music teacher has this contest for all 3rd graders. 
They are encouraged to learn 16 songs and get 'belts' - or different colored pieces of yarn they tie around the bottom of their recorders. 
Jack has gotten all 16. 
Now- he's at the "Diamond Level."
That means he has to write his own song (five lines long) with certain notes, requirements, etc and then perform it for the music teacher.
He's already written his song and now he just has to have Mr. Michael listen to it. 
He's had a blast with it. 

Well- little sis found her recorder (that came in her stocking a couple of years ago) in the playroom closest recently.
Yep- you guessed it.  
Now we have two budding musicians in the house. 
NOT- it's rather comical to listen to them play "against" each other. 
Jack really gets it - Ri?  Not so much. 

I video taped them the other day (Ri decked out in her dress up clothes) playing their respective recorders. 

Listen for yourself: 
Sounds like we need some more practice. 

Until next time....

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