Monday, March 4, 2013


Six weeks from tomorrow Hadley Mae is due to arrive.
Six more weeks!

I can hardly believe it.  She weighs 4 lbs or so now - about the size of a cantaloup.  She's about 18 inches long and if born now - she'd most likely be fine.   
My hands and feet are pretty swollen most of the time and I can't fit into hardly anything anymore but the end is in sight!  

I am getting more and more excited to meet her as the days and weeks go by. 
I find myself just hanging out in her room - playing with her baby goodies and imagining what it will be like once she arrives. 

I imagine it will be sheer chaos - but that chaos is so short-lived and I will take it in a heartbeat to have the chance to be a mommy to three kids. 

Speaking of Hadley's room - it's ready to go. 
I have one more picture to hang and a cute banner w/ her name on it to put up and then we're ready. 
Her crib skirt and an adorable matching sheet came today and I promptly put them in her crib.  I will have to take some pics of her room and post them. 

Today I ordered her car seat and finished buying a few things that we still need. 
We have to set up the stroller and pack-n-play and wash bottles and all of that fun stuff but that's it. 

For the next 6 weeks I am going to get as much rest as I can, spend time with Todd and the kids, meet friends for coffee and lunch and maybe nest a little more :)-

Week 33 picture - taken by Miss Priss in her room.  A little fuzzy but it will do. 

Until next time...

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