Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 25

In eight more days I will officially enter my 7th month of pregnancy.
It is flying by so incredibly fast. 

Little Miss Priss is doing great.  
This week she is about as long as an English cucumber. 
That is so funny b/c English cucumbers might be Riley's favorite food (with the exception of anything with sugar in it). 
She houses those things.   She ate no less than 10 slices with her dinner tonight. 
English cucumbers are long (over a foot sometimes).   That explains why I can feel her move up high and down low at about the same time. 
I can also feel when she turns over and around now.  It stretches things out and makes my tummy tight.  

I had a check up today- my diabetes testing.  
I failed.
Anything over 134 qualifies (I was 148) for you to come back for a marathon three hour glucose diagnostic testing.
So that's what I get to do next Monday AM. 
Fun times. 
I'm not worried about it. 
Even if I have gestational diabetes they are easy to control and go away right after birth.
Lucky for me I didn't have them with Jack or Ri and there is nothing I could have done differently to prevent this - it's just the pregnancy and they're all different. 
I am measuring right on target though and her heartbeat was 150 this AM.  

I picked up a few more clothes and a cradle type thing from a friend today - it's beginning to get real now that she has a room - although it's far from being ready. 

Here's to week 25 in the books!  15 more to go. 

Until next time...

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