Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dear Jack

Dear Jack,

I am slowly but surely wrapping my brain around the fact that you're going to be a big brother, yet again, in just over three months. 
I find myself looking back to pictures and stories of when you and Riley were babies. 
Thankfully I have always been a picture freak and I have tons from early on. 
I found this little gem.  You were just under two months and such a butterball. 
You weren't a butterball for long. 

You've always been an inquisitive young boy.  
You ask lots of questions, some very deep and hard to answer. 
You ask tons of questions about our childhood's and when you were younger.  
Lately you've been asking questions about what kind of baby food you ate and other things about your baby days.
It really does take me back.
And as the same time it reminds me of where our family will be very soon. 

I am deeply grateful that this little munchkin will have you to look up to and protect her as she grows. 
I hope she has your passion for life. 
Your energy.
Your compassion for people.
Your generosity. 
Your work ethic at school. 

I know you will protect her. 
You will look out for her. 
You will keep her secrets.
And you will love her. 

I can't ask anything more. 

Love- Mom

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