Friday, January 4, 2013

Dear Riley

Dear Riley, 

First off all, how on Earth did you get to be 6 1/2 years old?
It seems like only months ago you were wearing the adorable pants in this picture.

But my dear - that was FIVE years ago.
You were only 1 1/2 in this picture.

Tonight your Dad and I took you out to dinner while your brother had baseball.
You were so grown up; drinking your Shirley Temple (in a REAL glass), doing puzzles in your coloring book with me, 'cutting' your bread and chicken fingers with an adult knife.  
It was actually quite a pleasant dinner.  You had no one to fight with, no one to compete for attention with, no one to annoy and no one to annoy you.
It's amazing how well you behave when you're alone :)- 

Seriously though- time seems to be flying by.
Your mannerisms are so grown up.
Your independence is so grown up.
Your conversations are so grown up.
YOU are just so grown up.

When did that happen?

Maybe I am hyper aware now that you're little sister is a mere three months away from joining our family. 
Maybe I'm just in denial that you're no longer a 'little girl'- but a big girl who is thriving in so many areas of her life. 
Maybe it's a combination of both.  

There are a few moments in time when you take me back to the 'little girl' you once were.

Like when you say certain words: 

yogrit for yogurt
breaftast for breakfast

Like when you curl up on the chair and watch Mickey Mouse - which is only 2-3 times per month.

Like when you want me to scratch your back at night - which I used to do every single night when you were younger. 

Those 'little girl' moments are few and far between these days.  Mostly there are 'big girl' moments that capture my attention and make me wonder- what happened to my little girl?

Like when you write me a note, in complete sentences, with a period at the end. 

Like when you peel a cucumber and slice it yourself, only to eat the entire thing in one sitting. 

Like when you flip through my iPhone and find a song - alphabetically - all on your own w/o using the album cover pictures.  

Like when you read me books that you NEVER could have ready just a mere few months ago.

I am so proud of you and who are you becoming. 
I see lots of life lessons in your future that will need to be learned but those will come w/ time and life experience. 
I cannot wait to see how you are as a BIG sister.

I love you.


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