Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas in Black and Whites

Christmas was wonderful this year. 
The kids were blessed, once again, with everything on their wish lists, and we had a great time w/ our annual get togethers with both sides of the family. 

Games were played.
Lots and lots of food was eaten.
The potato cannon was resurrected.
Bikes were ridden.
Secret Santa gifts were exchanged. 
Presents were opened.
Beautiful Christmas lights were gazed upon. 
Cocktails were consumed. 
Christmas music was listened to.

All in all - it was  a great Christmas. 

I love Christmas colors.  These flowers were gorgeous. 

I left the majority of my camera stuff at home on accident which meant I didn't have my big lens to take decent pics inside. 
Therefore- most of my pics were horribly off color or too bright when i used the flash.
So- I turned them in to black and whites. 

We came home on Wednesday and began the daunting task of returning everything to 'normal.'
Riley's desk was put together and organized.
Her fish tank was set up.
Jack's bow and arrow has gotten lots of practice. 
Jack's room has been rearranged and redone.
The baby's room was started. 
Christmas decorations were taken down.
Needless to say- we've been very busy.

Oh- and Todd bought me a new car.
We've fallen into mini-van mode.
But let me tell you- this mini-van is sweet.
It rides like a jem and has so many fun perks in it.
I love it and cant' believe we've never purchased one until now. 

And my sweet girl had her hair cut!
She actually wants it shorter!  
I think it's good enough for now. 

Whew- busy times.
Looking forward to a great New Year!

Until next time...

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