Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Week 23

Once again I'm a couple of days late for my weekly baby update. 
We've been a bit busy this week and I need to write a Christmas post as well.

Monday, the 24th, was my last day of week 23.  
The weeks are seriously flying by. 
It seems like every other day I am writing a weekly update - but in all reality it's only once a week.

Baby Girl Milligan now weighs over 1 lb.  In fact- my weekly Baby Center update says she gained 4 ounces this week!  Keep growing baby!
The most interesting did bit I learned this week is that my uterus is now the size of a soccer ball.  Yikes.
I wonder what size it will be in April. 
Baby Girl Milligan has been giving me TONS of heartburn lately and sleeping on my back is getting harder.  I find myself on my side most of the time. 

Dinner time is usually the most uncomfortable time of the day - in fact I could skip dinner most days.  
This baby was blessed with some new clothes for Christmas.  I love opening baby goodies and I still am not quite 'used' to the idea.  You'd think I would be used to it by now - with the looks of my belly. 

Another name popped up this week: Hadley.  
I have heard that name once before and I have always liked it.
It's not a 'normal' name - which is a must for us this time around.
Gammy's paternal grandmother's name was May so maybe our sweet little girl's name just might be
Hadley May Milligan.
I kinda like it. 
No definite decision yet - hopefully soon. 
I want to start calling her by her name and get used to it before she arrives. 

Until next time...

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