Monday, December 3, 2012


So today is my last day in my 20th week of pregnancy. 
I am 'officially' over halfway.
She's the length of a banana and weighs about 10 1/2 ounces.  
Getting closer to one pound!
I guess it's fitting that I picked up a crib from a friend of a friend a few days ago.
It's a simple white one that will work just perfectly. 
I'm stocking up on hand-me-downs to use for this sweet little girl.
In my old age I'm wiser and realize how short of a time much of these things are needed so there's no reason to buy them new. 
I scored some serious deals on clothes for her too.  
I will only buy her things if they are on clearance or a mega sale. 
I don't have hardly any of Ri's tiny baby clothes so this sweet pea will need some cute stuff to wear. 

Still not decided on names yet. 
Todd's not too keen on Harper right now. 
He's afraid of the booming popularity of that name b/c of the Beckham's.  I agree. 
So maybe her name will be Flynn after all - we just don't have a middle name that really vibes with Flynn though.

I feel her move all the time now.  
It's so much fun to feel a baby move in your belly.
It makes my heart ache for the women who can't conceive.
And it also makes me NOT believe those stories of women who had no idea they were pregnant until they went into labor.

I am looking forward to snuggling with a newborn again and spending lots of one on one time w/ her while the big kids are in school.
I will miss my quiet time at night with Riley though- we snuggle and read for at least 30 minutes every night.  With Todd's wacky schedule that won't be able happen every night until this little one is on a schedule. 
Who knows when that will happen w/ the big kids activity schedules!

21 weeks tomorrow!!  
19 more to go. 

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