Thursday, December 6, 2012


I have found myself looking back at baby pictures of Jack and Riley lately.  
Thankfully so many of them are on Shutterfly and my app on the iPad makes it super easy to flip through them.
But - when you take them from Shutterfly to email via the iPad and then onto the laptop and them upload them to a blog the quality turns out like this: 

These pics were taken when they were each one month old.
I remember taking each of those pics like it was days ago - not years and years. 
I can't wait to meet our 3rd sweetie pie and she who she looks like.  
Will she be bald and chunky like her brother?  
Or tiny and full of hair like her sister?
Only time will tell. 


On another note:  I have been very lucky with all three pregnancies to have very very little morning sickness.  I only got sick one time w/ each of them during the 1st trimester.  
But- somehow this time around I have been cursed with wicked acne.  
It comes and goes and when it comes - it comes w/ a vengeance. 
In fact-it started before I had any clue whatsoever that we were expecting.

I remember driving to Alabama this summer w/ Jack and his friend Kyle and his mom Jen to the boys baseball tournament.  
I joked with Jen that an alien had taken over me because I had several mini mountains on my head.  They were so bad I had to wear a hat.  I don't wear face make-up (only eyes) so I can't even cover them up if I tried.  Lord knows I wouldn't even know how. 
Little did I know I had a bambino just beginning to grow in my belly. 

Right now these 'mini mountains' are in full force,  
always right on my forehead, in plain sight for everyone to see.
I wore a hat most of the day today b/c they're so bad. 

While the kids and I were eating dinner tonight Ri had a mouth full of food and starting pointing to her own forehead and humming something. 
I didn't know what she was talking about.
Maybe she was trying to tell her me head hurt??
I looked at her w/ confusion and she proceeded to chew her food, keep her mouth closed (good girl), and point her finger over and over to her forehead and then at me. 
Jack took the clue and looked at my forehead (maybe just noticing b/c I had taken my hat off) and proceeded to say loudly: "MOM- oh my gosh. Your zits are sooo big!" 
They Ri chimed in, "Yeah Mom - you have an L on your forehead!"
The 'mini mountains' have formed themselves into a L shape on my head. 
And my kids thought it was hilarious.
I had to laugh. 
Then I went to the mirror and about died myself.
Seriously- they are bad. 
It's only a few but they stand out like nobody's business. 

Let's hope these hormones go back to normal after April!

Until next time...

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