Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pick Six

Jack's in the middle of his 2nd flag football season and LOVES it. 
He gets very excited about every practice and game and does not want it to end before Christmas. 
Too bad we won't let him play real football :))-   Flag is good enough.  He doesn't even make the weight limit for serious football anyway.  
Maybe in 5th grade, if he still wants to do it.  

But anyway- the three other boys he gets together with every Wednesday after school are also on his team and those four Dad's are the coaches so it makes it even that much more fun. 

Jack's best game was yesterday.  He snagged 15 or so flags from the other team.  Someone must have lit a firecracker under him b/c he was fast. 
It was fun to watch. 

Until next time...

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