Thursday, November 22, 2012

ABC's of Thanksgiving

A Mountain Jewel - the name of the house we're renting in Blowing Rock this week.
Brussel Sprouts - my favorite vegetable of the day
Creamed Onions - another Turkey Day staple in the Milligan household
Dishes - lots of them to wash today
Eggs - bacon, EGG and cheese sandwiches for breakfast
Family and Friends - what I am thankful for the most today
Green Bean Casserole - hated it as a kid:love it now!
Hot Chai- great way to start the day
Ice cream - will taste great with the homemade pumpkin pie and apple pie later
Jack - having TONS of fun playing the creek outside our rental house
thanKsgiving day means this calendar year is close to being over. 
Lots of cooking, food and fun today.
Mashed potatoes - YUM!~  Better with gravy. 
Nuts - pistachio nuts are Jack's fave these days.
Olives - taste great with Bloody Mary Mix. 
Plenty of eating and drinking this week. 
Quiet afternoons reading my book are a perfect way to spend time here. 
Riley has not fought with Jack one time this week!  
Stream of water, or creek, outside of our house - the kids are having a blast in it. 
Turkey - Jeff makes the best turkey around!
Usher - a name that Riley suggested for the baby!  Not. 
View of the mountains outside my bedroom window. 
Wondering why we don't come here more often. 
anXious and eXcited for this sweet baby girl to come into our lives in April.
Yams- now that's ONE vegetable we don't cook in our family. 
Zzzzzz - it's nice to get a few of these each afternoon as well. 

Riley and Gammy passing the time.....

Until next time.....

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