Sunday, November 18, 2012


Clearly our family has lots to be thankful for this year. 
I am not even sure where to begin, but I will give it a shot. 

I am thankful for....

Our health.  We had no major problems again this year.  

Jack.  He is my old soul who loves everything from school to his family to sports to DIY shows on TV.  
He's kind, giving, thoughtful and loves to spend time with his family.

Riley.  She is my fiesty yet sensitive soul who loves school, pleasing everyone, her family, riding bikes and coloring.  She is very helpful and busies herself by playing school all of the time. 

Todd.  He is the rock of our family.  He's the rhyme to my reason and keeps me grounded.  He works extremely hard to provide us with a comfortable lifestyle and he loves spending time with us. 

Baby Girl Milligan.  Well- to say I am thankful for this sweet little munchkin growing in my belly would be an understatement.  She has been a pleasant surprise for our family but we could not be more thrilled.  I am anxious for her arrival in April.  Once we get through the holidays I will start focusing on getting things ready for Miss Priss #2.  The boys are already planning their man cave in the basement and I am excited for another partner in crime at the nail salon :)-  I am also very happy that Riley will have a sister to lean on later in life.  I am thankful they both have an older brother who is an exceptional role model, already at age 9 and will protect them for life.  I am thankful that this pregnancy has been the easiest of all three of them.  Very, very little nausea and just the normal aches and pains - nothing to complain about. 

Our extended family.   I am thankful for my mom who loves to spend time with the kids and who helps us constantly.  She's always willing to rearrange her schedule to help me.  I am thankful for in-laws who love my babies and enjoy spending time with them.  I will be very thankful for all of them come April when I will definitely need the help. 

Drew.  I am thankful that jack's friend Drew overcame two brain tumors this summer and came out on top!  No more cancer.  He's a tough kid who, along with his family, have inspired me to become a better person. 

My friends.  I am so thankful for my friends.  The friends I see every day or once a week or once a month or once every year or two - they all play an important part in my life.  I consider them part of my extended family and am so thankful for each and every one of them. 

There are many other things to be thankful for but the people in my life are what I am most thankful for.  


On another note.
Here I am at 18 weeks. 
Baby Girl Milligan weighs about 9 oz and is growing right on track. 
I can feel her move every day now - but not all the time.  I can feel her the most when I am still or lying down. 
I am feeling just fine and sleeping fairly well.  I had bouts with insomnia but that has ended.  
I use the bathroom 2-3 times a night but can normally go right back to sleep. 
I dont' have any unusual cravings but didn't with the other two either. 
I am excited that all five (I think) of my closest college friends are coming to CLT in late February for a girls weekend and my baby shower!  
Right now we are leaning towards naming this sweetie pie Flynn but we're not 100% yet.  As far as middle names- we have no idea.  
I plan on updating Baby Girl Milligan once a week!!  

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! 

Until next time...

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