Sunday, November 25, 2012


So we're THISCLOSE to being halfway!
It's seems like just a few weeks ago we were pleasantly surprised with the news of this little munchkin growing in my belly. 

So here's the lowdown on Baby Girl Milligan for 19 weeks: 

We are really liking the name Harper May.  May is Todd's maternal great-grandmother's name.
But- we still like the name Flynn though. 
My 'goal' if to figure out a name by the end of December.  
I want to call her by name, get her a cute onsie with her name on it, etc.... 
I've been feeling pretty good - no real complaints except aches and pains later in the day.
She moves around more and more. I can feel her wiggle and kick more when I am still and paying attention. 
We have lots of baby gear that has been handed down to us and a few clothes I have already picked up - Riley LOVES to go in her room and play with her stuff. 
I have a feeling she'll 'help' decide what this sweet girl wears all the time.  
Jack doesn't pay too much attention to the baby chatter, although he does like to call her Flynn.  
Before we know it April will be here. 

Until next time...

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