Thursday, October 4, 2012

Who Says

Who says it can't be 83 degrees in October?
It seems Mother Nature has forgotten that it's fall - the temperature should NOT be in the 80's anymore  until at least the middle of March.
But- alas, today is was 83 degrees. 
At least the humidity has subsided. 
I did do a quick check of and the low 80's will persist until Saturday and then Sunday we'll see a high of 65ish.

In other words we'll sweat on Saturday and be cold on Sunday.
Bring on the Kleen-Ex, the runny noses are coming. 

The kids have been riding their bikes TONS lately.
Ri's buddy Addy can ride w/o training wheels so they ride back and forth to each others houses.

Yikes- bright picture :)

See the shirtless boy below?
Yes- it was that warm today. 

Ri has a really loose tooth.
It's not quite ready to fall out- maybe another week or two. 
Her big tooth is already coming in behind it and it's a LOT bigger than the tiny tooth still hanging out in her mouth now.
I hope there's enough room in her mouth for all of those big girl teeth. 
My baby girl is growing up:(-

We are babysitting sweet Lacey for two plus weeks. 
She is super easy.
Swisher is annoying with her and Ri is constantly wanting to play with her but other than that- she's a piece of cake. 

I can't believe it's only a few week until Halloween.  
It seems like only weeks ago the kids were plowing through candy last year. 
Before we know it we'll be in the mountains for Thanksgiving and shopping for Christmas.

Until next time...

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