Sunday, October 7, 2012



Jack told Todd and I that he wants to play tackle football.
Sorry dude- not going to happen.
Maybe tackle when you're in middle school.

Todd has become friends w/ an ex-NFL football player (and former Gamecock) who has two sons and he won't let them play tackle football b/c of the dangers. 
So- if an ex-NFL player refuses, that's reason enough for us to say no as well.
Plus- he would barely make the weight limit.
In fact- he'd get crushed. 
Needless to say he's super excited to start flag football in a few weeks. 


Ri is LOVIN' kindergarten. 
She comes home from school and goes to her room and plays 'school.' 
She claims to be a teacher.
I will quietly listen to her from afar talk to her 'students' and she sure sounds just like a teacher. 

Her reading has taken off as well.
We are past the basic beginner books now and on to the next level.
She does like to insert random words in when she doesn't know a word.
It's quite comical.
We've been talking about the strategies she's learning to figure out 'hard' words.
She's getting there.
It's quite entertaining discussing books with her. She really remembers what she reads and can relate to other books that are similar and different.
I'm pleased with her progress to far in reading and writing.

Now math is another story.
Poor girl- numbers just aren't her thing.
Takes after her momma.
Math will always be harder for her- I can just sense it.
I just pray she has the patience and tenacity to stick with it. 


Jack's third baseball tournament was this weekend. 
The went 1-1 yesterday and today's games were cancelled due to rain.
Jack was a little bummed b/c he was scheduled to pitch today.  
He really enjoys pitching and has had some success.
They are only scheduled to play one more tournament this fall so hopefully he'll be able to pitch in one of those games. 


Riley has been OCD about practicing her tumbling skills. 
She really enjoys the class and has gotten so much better. 
I think we're going to sign her up for lacrosse this winter- just a clinic on Sunday afternoons a few miles from our house. 
She wants to do it but she's afraid she wont' be any good. 
She says to me: "What if I can't do it?"
I tried explaining to her that it's just a clinic- no games, just learning the basics. 
Jack even has a shortened lacrosse stick she can use. 
I haven't pulled the trigger yet but hope to soon. 


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