Thursday, October 11, 2012

And It's Gone

My sweet girl lost her first tooth Tuesday night.
It's been loose for quite some time.
She's not a 'wiggler' - meaning she won't just sit there wiggling her tooth all day.
I guess she wanted Mother Nature to take it's course. 

Well- with a little help from Daddy and a wet paper towel it came out Tuesday night. 
She was scared for Todd to pull it. 
A few tears were shed.
After calming her down and putting her back to bed she popped up and said - "Will you go get Daddy?"

He went in her room and tugged just a tad and out it came.

The tooth fairy left her a note and some $$ and she's been so happy ever since. 
She proudly keeps her tooth in a small box on her dresser and admires it often.


Until next time...

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