Friday, October 12, 2012

Sweet Story

Sometimes, well a lot of the time, I don't give Riley enough credit. 
She was born feisty. 

She's constantly on the go: moving, talking, jumping, running, cart-wheeling, singing.
You get the picture. 
It's exhausting watching her.
I swear she has ADD or something.

But - according to her teacher, she's an angel in school.
Yes- my sweet Riley is going fantastic in school. 
She is 'the perfect mix' - according to Ms. D. 
She's doing great academically, is a good helper, a good friend, follows the rules and knows the procedures. 

Like I said- I don't give her enough credit. 
We must be doing something right, I suppose. 

Today I was at school helping set up the book fair all day and I popped in to say hi to Riley while she was at lunch. 
Her teacher came up to me and told me the sweetest thing about Riley.

There is a little boy in her class who is autistic and repeating kindergarten. 
 I guess he gets overwhelmed at times and is easily confused. 
Today they were sitting in seats (somewhere not in the classroom- can't remember where).  
This sweet boy looked really confused, couldn't figure out where to sit down and began to panic. 

Riley said to him- 
"Come sit by me."
She proceeded to scoot her tiny bottom over, pat her hand on the chair and smile at this sweet boy.
He went right over and shared her seat.

OMG- How sweet.
I am so incredibly proud of her for being such a good friend. 
It's a dog eat dog world out there- especially with the girls and their drama. 
I just want her to respect her peers and be a good friend, especially to those who need one. 

Keep it up Ri.

Until next time..  

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