Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Promise

I am making a promise to myself to get my camera out more. 
I have been terrible lately about documenting and photographing and writing. 
I guess it's just the way life goes. 
For years my kids were home with me or at 1/2 day preschool and we weren't consumed with school, homework and activities.
But here we are, consumed with those three aforementioned words.
And anytime left over is for family and friends. 

I don't want to look back on these days and say to myself: Man- what the heck was going on b/c I took no pictures. 
I'll get better. 
It's a promise to myself. 

I finally downloaded the Shutterfly app to my iPad and it makes it SOOOO much easier to pull up old pictures and share them.
Last night as I watched the Gamecocks put a whippin' on Kentucky I found these two:

Here's Jack at about 6-7 months old.  
His curls were just starting to come in.
He had a few teeth and LOTS of rolls.
Jack even commented last night as we scrolled through these pics that he had tons of fat rolls.
Man- I love that boy. 

And here's my sweet Riley.
She only a few months old here and look at that HAIR!
And the cheeks.
They both have Todd's nose- that's for sure. 
I miss her rolls- she had tons of them.
Now she's a peanut with TONS of attitude to make up for it :)-

 Until next time....

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