Thursday, October 25, 2012

Double Dating

So apparently my 6 year old daughter has a 'special friend.'
A special friend that 'loves' her. 
A boyfriend.
His name is Gavin.
And he's a cutie pie and he's in her class. 

Last Friday was Gavin's birthday party.
He invited the entire class (I know- crazy) to his house for pizza, cake and a bounce house. 
When Riley got off the bus last Friday (they had a 1/2 day) she proceeded to tell me that her and Gavin were double dating.
Of course I asked her: "What does that mean Riley?"
She replies: "Mom- we both have a Wii, we both have the Mario game and I am going to his birthday party.  So we are double dating."


I guess this week he told her he loves her. 

This AM before school I go into her room to make sure she's ready and she all dressed, teeth brushed and hair done.  She leaning against her bed.

She has written this note to Gavin: 

Apparently she loves Gavin too.
Oh boy.

I proceeded to tell her that she's not allowed to have a boyfriend but it's ok to have a special friend. 
But that special friend must be nice to her, all the time, be respectful and NEVER, ever get in trouble in school. 

Of course I texted a picture of the note to Gavin's mom and we both had a good chuckle over it. 

Watch out!

Until next time...

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