Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Phone Dump

Time for another phone dump.
More and more pictures come from my phone.
It makes me sad- I should be more diligent about my real camera.
Rumor has it the new iPhone has an even better camera- too bad it's so far backordered you can't even pre-order one right now. 

The kids were into the game BopIt for a while again.  They got pretty good at it. 

One of our most favorite dishes to make is homemade chicken w/ vodka sauce.  It's rich, gut-wrenchingly fattening but oh so good.  It's a treat we make 2-3 times a year and we enjoy it.  Here's the prosciutto sizzling away in butter :)- 

Who knows what she's doing here- we're at J's bball practice and Ri is being silly- what's new. 

Jack had a blast at his friend Drew's bday party a few weeks ago.  Here he is in a game of Capture the Flag with his good friend Jeremy. 

Ri and her teacher, Ms. D- we LOVE her :)-

Homework on Day One of school.  Of course Ri had to have paper homework too. 

Need I say more?

Pit stop at the gas station on our way to the beach.  Todd and the kids were stocking up on candy while I waited in the car w/ Swish. 

Froggie made an appearance at Jack's last tournament. 

It's luau time!

Jack and Poppy have this on-going Nerd Man v/s Geek Man war.  It all stemmed from Jack's tall black socks this his Poppy things are nerdy.  Little does Poppy know what all the boys wear socks like that.  Jack's shirt arrived in the mail last week- a few weeks prior we went Poppy a black hat w/ World's #1 Geek on it! 

Sweet Swish and Ri.

OMG- best lobster roll ever!!  Boston was awesome. 

Our Duck Tour boat. 

Gretchen's 65th bday cake!  Yummy.

Jack opened his bday presents from his cousins and Gammy and Poppy last weekend while they were all here.  His cousins hooked him up w/ some NY Giants gear.  Gammy and Poppy gave him several things- among them a Geode/rock thingie that came w/ these googles.  Looks like he's living up to his Nerd Man status. 

Swisher jumps in bed with me almost every night for a few minutes- just to get a few snuggles then he hops down and sleeps on the bathroom floor.  He's so sweet. 

Yikes- sugar girl housing down a sucker she got at a bday party last weekend. 

She only lasted a few bites and then was done- too much sugar even for her!  Shocker!

Until next time...

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