Sunday, September 16, 2012


I loved Boston.
It's beautiful, historic, cultural and packed with good food.
We had a great time. 
Thursday afternoon we ate lobster rolls and chowder and headed out on a Duck Tour.
Now that was fun.
We capped off a great day with the Yankees/Red Sox game.
It was a rather boring game but the Yankees pulled it out and that's all that matters. 

We spent the majority of our day Friday walking the Freedom Trail. 
It's a walking trail that stops at 15 or so historic points from the American Revolution.
I love that time period and it was so cool to stand in the same spot as so many historical figures. 

One day we'll take the kids back when they can appreciate it. 

The best lobster rolls around. 

It was a bit hot for chowder but we still enjoyed it. 

The Duck Boat we road in to tour the city.

Our drive was HILARIOUS.  She was packed full of knowledge and made us laugh along the way. 

Beacon Hill.

Going into the water on the Duck Boat. 

A few from the Charlestown River into the city. 


What a great place and full of character. 

Have I ever mentioned I love going to baseball games?

A-Rod up to bat. 

The Yankees won 2-0.
The Freedom Trail.

Boston Common- a meeting ground for Patriots during the Revolution. 

The Granary Burying Ground was filled with Patriots, children and the wealthy from that time. 

Many of the more famous gravesites had small shells, rocks and flags scattered about.  

I remember teaching my 4th grades all about the Boston Massacre. 

To stand on the exact sight it occurred was surreal for me. 

We visited Paul Revere house- who knew he had 16 children with two wives- although 4 or 5 died at birth. 

Inside the Old North Church - the place where two lanterns were lit to warn the Patriots that the British were coming by sea. 

A replica of the lantern.

The Old North Church is still used today. 

Of course we ate TONS of great food.  This was what we were greeted with at lunch in the North End on Friday.
Yummm.  The bread in Boston is to die for.

This is where we ate Friday for lunch.

Todd used to watch Cheers religiously.  They had a 'replica' of the bar in Cheers at the Quincy Market.  I had to get this pic of Todd with Norm. 

It was a great weekend and the kids did great with Gammy and Poppy.
Now it's back to the real world tomorrow!

Until next time....

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