Friday, August 10, 2012

So I Don't Forget

I was putting Jack to bed the other night and he was asking me questions, like he does every night. 
A memorable question:
Jack - "Mom- do you have to take medicine to have a baby?"
Me- "Uhhhh... no."
Jack- "Well- how does it happen?"
Me- "Well- babies start like little embryos and grow in mommies bellies for nine months and then when they are ready to come out you go to the hospital and the baby comes out."
Jack- "Oh- ok."

Oh boy.  That answer is enough for now.  For now...


Jack had a couple of friends over for a few hours yesterday.
Conversation I overheard while they were plowing through chicken fingers and fries:
JP- "What kind of phone are you guys going to get when you're older"
Jack- "I'm getting an iPhone."
Matthew- "Me too."
JP- "I'll probably get something from Verizon."
Jack-"I am NOT taking my phone to school."
JP- "Why??"
Jack- "Because I don't want to get in trouble."
Matthew- "Me either."
JP- "Well- I will probably just keep mine in my locker."
Jack and Matthew- "Oh- well, me too."

(leave it to Jack to follow the rules)


This AM-
Jack- "Mom.  Can I go S-H-A-V-E?" 
Spelling it out so his sister doesn't know what he's doing.
Ri- "What are you going to do?  SHAVE!"

I guess spelling words out won't work too much longer.


Until next time....

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