Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Phone Dump

So I am really digging these phone dumps. 
So many times I just grab my phone and snap away. 
And now I am addicted to Instagram.  
You can change the 'look' of any photo you take and it uploads to your personal photo stream that other people can follow if you choose to let them.  
Just another way for me to document my kids lives. 
Here's my phone DUMP from the last couple of weeks. 

Jack and his good friend Jeremy.  They won't be playing baseball anymore together but they'll always be friends. 

Carson, Riley, Caroline and Jack- on their last day of Camp Whip-Poor-Will a coupe of weeks ago.  We LOVE that camp. 

Jack and Daddy- Father/Son golf tournament.  No hardware for the boys this year :(.

High school reunion time!   My, Denise and Jennifer. 

My mom's lizard: Spike.  And to think that lizard was almost ours.  NO THANK YOU!

Miss Priss fell asleep on Sunday AM- back to Charlotte from Columbia.  Must have been tired. 

Kids have been OCD about cars and trucks lately.  Must be the late summer boredom.  

Ri took a tennis lesson last week.  The place was a dump and we'll never go back there.  

Swimming and being nice to each other- SHOCKING!

Kid seriously has 'shaved' 4-5 times in the last week.  I even caught him putting on Todd's deodorant- with the lid off.  YIKES!

We went to the lake with some neighbors on Sunday.  We all had a great time, especially the kids. 

Lunch with some baseball friends!

Scrunched up on Ri's bed during a storm. 

Ahhh- how sweet.  Jack and his Dee.  He still sleeps with him, all these years later.

Until next time...

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