Sunday, August 5, 2012


The Twitter world has been all abuzz and trending with info about the Olympics and Chic-fil-A.
There is no 'live' watching of the big Olympic moments. 
The news is all over Facebook,, and Twitter as it happens. 
So much for the element of surprise. 

And it is quite amusing to me the drama that surrounds Chic-fil-A.
Let the man believe how he believes, it is America- he still sells a great product.
I'll keep going back. 
In fact, I wish I had a tally on how many times I have been to a CFA since having kids.
It would be a disgusting number.  I imagine it's at least past 250.  Gross. 

So if our little family had topics trending the latter part of this summer it would look something like this: 

Watching Olympics
Sibling Fights
Rearranging bedrooms
Mommy doing PTO stuff
Eating Out
Staying Cool

That about sums up the last few weeks of summer for us.  We have one more beach trip coming in a few days and a few other fun things planned. 
Jack starts baseball in two weeks - and it will be a lot.  He made a travel team so we're in it for the long haul.  He's beyond excited and we are grateful he'll finally get real practice time and be developed in more than one position. 
So we'll make the most of our last three weeks - assuming Jack and Riley don't kill each other.  

Last night Todd cooked a delicious fish dinner.  He made two kinds of salmon, halibut and scallops.  Jack housed it down- Ri only ate a little salmon.  It was delicious.  
The kids 'set' the table and served us Cesar Salad and entrees.
They really had a fun time getting the table all nice and arranged. 
Riley's wood lizard from Camp Whip Poor Will even made an appearance. 

Until next time....

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