Saturday, August 11, 2012

Beach Time

We hustled down to the beach this AM, in order to avoid the impending storms.
The Weather Channel said 80% chance of storms by 1:00.
Well- it's now pushing 4:00 and no storms.
Go figure! 
The boys went put-putting.  The girls stayed behind.  We're just hanging.
I tried to get Ri to nap/rest/lie down and that turned in to a 'let me chase Swisher all around the upstairs while my mom rests' game.  
She's downstairs with Gammy now- who knows what she's getting herself into. 

I'm hoping to get some more beach time tomorrow after the boys play golf and before we watch the Closing Ceremonies.  I can't believe the Olympics are over.  
What great television.

Here are some pics from this AM on the beach.
A few from the pool too where Ri put on a 'swimming routine' for Todd and I.

Last time I checked my kids didn't look so old.   
When did they grow up on me?
Didn't they get the memo that they aren't allowed to grow up?
I guess not. 

Until next time....

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