Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Typical Summer Day

A typical summer day here in Charlotte for us includes swimming and a little baseball.
The pool we swim in may vary and it could be just buckets of water in our driveway - but the kids get wet. 

The form of baseball may vary - practice, games or Jack and Todd just practicing in the front yard but Jack typically plays some sort of ball every day. 

We are inching closer and closer to some beach time. 
Jack's team placed 2nd in their AREA tournament and made it to states.  That tournament starts this Thursday.  Luckily for us this year it's close enough we don't have to stay in a hotel.  

Soaking up some rays. 

Someone I know turns 6 in three days!

She's such a fish.

Love this girl!  So full of life. 

What a beauty.  She's about the one non-relative female that Jack likes to hang with.


Love the mixed match bathing suit on Riley. 

A rare 'posed' pic. 

All the girls.

Jack up to bat.  He crushed this hit down 3rd base and got on safely.

So proud of him!
Until next time...

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