Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just Words

When I was a teenager I used to write in a spiral notebook late at night. 
I would turn the lights off- put music on and write. 
Almost always poetry.
I wish I still had those words.

Maybe it's why I'm such a packrat when it comes to saving all of Jack and Ri's school stuff.  

I used to save everything.
The first time Jack held a writing utensil and made a mark on paper: I saved it.
The first time he colored with crayons: I saved it.
The first time Riley wrote a word (Pat): I have it.
The piece of paper Jack slapped a bunch of stickers on and I thought it was a masterpiece?  I have it. 
The finger paint Riley made resembled Picasso :)- I saved it.

Point is- I keep everything that I THINK is save-worthy.

Whether these artifacts are saved in art boxes, filed away in tupperware boxes, tucked away neatly in a three-ring binder or piled high in the closet, I have it.  

I wish I had a bigger fire proof box because I swear I would tuck all of their mementos away in that box before just about anything else in this house. 

And it's not just paper stuff I save.

Jerseys?  I have them all.  I am planning on my MIL making Jack a quilt with them one day.
Ri's first ballet outfit?  Have it.
Tap shoes.
Game balls.
Halloween costumes.
Locks of hair.
Baby hair bows.

Got it.
All of it. 

I hope one day the kids appreciate it. 

Until next time...

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