Thursday, June 28, 2012

Birthday Party

Ri's birthday party was yesterday at our normal stomping grounds, Cedarwood.  We love that place and it's like our 2nd home during the summer when we're not at the beach, or on the baseball field.  

Lucky for Jack, and for me, lots of Riley's friends have older brothers that are friends with Jack and super cool mommies that I'm friends with so we had a great time.  

It was a perfect mix of neighbors, baseball friends, preschool friends and a few others.  
The big girls swam and played well with the little girls.
All the girls hula hooped and swam for hours.  
The boys had a pick up baseball game in the kiddie pool and another one near the playground so everyone was happy.  
Shhh- a few of the mommies even drank a beer mid day!  
It was glorious!

Tons of pictures but I couldn't leave any good ones out. 

Until next time...

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