Saturday, June 16, 2012

Some Philly Time

We took a day trip to Greensboro to see some family yesterday.
Todd's cousin Mike and family live in Philly.  Their daughter Catie was running the two-mile in the junior nationals at a local college there so we decided it would be fun to see them.

Of course Jack was super pumped to hang w/ Ben.  They haven't seen each other in just about two years.  
Ben is practically a man now- but that didn't stop him from acting like a kid with Jack.  They had a blast and wore their matching Duke hats with pride.  

Emma and Ava and Uncle Jeff came over from Raleigh- which made it even more special.  

I wish we saw them all more.  Makes me want to plan a reunion!  

6 of the cousins together at once!  

I told you he was growing up!! What a great kid. 

Loving the water with her cousins. 

Spending time with Ben.

So I focused on the bridge and Ava turned out fuzzy.  I like the pic though.

A little football in the pool. 

Horsing around. 

All six!

Ben gave Jack a Duke hat- LOVES IT- maybe one day he'll go to school there. 

Walking in to see Catie's race at NC A & T. 

We watched some other events while we waited for Catie's race.  

This dude competed in the triple jump right in front of us- super cool to watch. 

There's Catie- in the yellow- coming out for her race- the two mile. 


There she is- number 13!

Unfortunately Catie's track shoe somehow got caught on the track rail and she tripped about half way through her race.  
But- we are proud of her no matter what and it was a fabulous day!

Until next time...

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