Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It's my 1000th post.
That means I have sat down at the computer one thousand times to journal about the lives of my children.
That seems a bit extreme.  
What the hell did I do with all that time before I started to write?
I know- I taught school and wrote lesson plans and graded papers. 
It seems like a monumental task but I am so glad I have a written record of their lives. 
I'd say it's more photojournalistic essays than anything else but I am happy I have it. 

In honor of my 1000th post I thought I would write a post about numbers.

So here goes....
2- the number of people in my house tonight
2- the number of real sleepovers Riley has had (one being tonight)
3- the number of nights Todd is in CA playing golf along the coast this week
33- the number Jack is wearing on the back of his All-Star jersey this summer (in honor of Nick Swisher)
1- sleeping boy right next to me
6- the age Riley will turn in 10 short days
5- the number of baseball games Jack played this past weekend
10- the number of toes I plan on painting orange on Thursday in honor of Jack's Cal Ripken tournament that starts Thursday night
3-the number of people in my family that eat salmon (me NOT being one of them)
38- the age Todd will turn on July 6th 
4-the number of nights we are spending at the baseball field this week *that's just the week days*
20- the number of years it's been since I graduated high school (ouch)

Until next time....

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msrandom said...

Congrats, Ali! While I can't say I've read every 1000 of them, I really enjoy keeping up with your cute kids and amazing family through your blog. And it is such a great record of J & R growing up!

Love you guys!!! Miss you much!

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