Friday, June 15, 2012

A Community

The baseball community is a tight one.
Wether you play rec ball, All-Stars, travel ball or pick up games in your backyard - there's something about the game of baseball that guarantees a sense of community among those involved. 

Meet Drew- this is one of Jack's closest baseball friends. 
Three weeks ago he was diagnosed with two tumors in his brain. 
The main tumor has since been found to be malignant and they are awaiting tests to determine if the small tumor is related.
These results will determine the course of treatment that Drew will face this summer. 

And now they suspect he has aseptic meningitis. 
Talk about a battle ahead for this kid who loves to fish and play ball. 

Our baseball community is hosting an 8U All-Star tournament this weekend with all proceeds going to Drew (or DVD for short) and his family to help offset the mounting medical costs. 

Last night we were invited over to Weddington to scrimmage their 8U All-Star team.  They can't play in our tournament this weekend b/c they are playing in another tournament.  But- they still wanted to do something for DVD.

It was a special night.  
Wedddington hosted a potluck dinner.  
Had cupcakes for dessert in MARA colors.  
Made signs and t-shirts for Drew. 
 Raised money for the family./
We FaceTimed with Drew for about 10 minutes.
The boys hung out together as one- instead of two separate teams.
I hope the boys remember this special night.
And this special kid. 

Until next time....

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