Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just Like That...It's Over

2nd grade is over.
Just like that - it's done.
To be honest with you I am glad. 
His teacher went out on maternity leave in March and things weren't the same after that. 
Luckily for Jack he's way ahead of the ballgame as far as academics go and if it wasn't for that I'd be upset. 
But- it's over and third grade is just 2 1/2 months away. 

Jack really enjoyed his class this year. 
He picks up a couple more good friends each year and adds them to his list of buddies. 
Jack and his two best buds from class this year dubbed themselves the "Under Armor Boys."  
Every time I went in to have lunch w/ Jack all three of them would be wearing their UA clothes. 
God knows I haven't been able to get him to wear anything khaki related to school since last fall.
And wear a shirt with a color to school?  Forget it. 

Once again Jack found himself the object of affection from a few of the ladies.
He knows he can't have a 'real' girlfriend-way too young. 
I think he is still in the 'girls have cooties' stage of his young life. 
Thank God.  
The girls in his class proved to be full of drama this year so it's best he steers clear of that drama for as long as possible. 

He soared academically- like I expected. 
He did develop a love for science- which he didn't have before. 
He seems to be strong in all subjects- not just reading or math.
He enjoys creative writing as well. 
His ability to tell a story with details, dialogue and have it make sense is beyond my expectations. 
I hope he continues with writing- it would make me happy. 

I am excited for 3rd grade.  I am hoping for a teacher who is NOT pregnant and has NO plans to be pregnant next school year.  
Two years in a row of teachers having babies is enough for me. 
He needs someone who will require him to stay organized.  He has a tendency to be forgetful and a space cadet - drives me CRAZY. 

On a not so academic note...

Jack's been working hard on his hitting. 
He's been taking lessons once a week and it's been helping. 
Todd bought an L-Screen so he could pitch to Jack at home.
I even did some pitching to him the other day and its wasn't too hard. 

All Stars is kicking in to high gear this week.
Lots and lots of baseball to be played in the next few weeks. 
I hope our team makes it far- we'll see! 

Some pics from the weekend.... 

We've been spending some time at our club pool already this summer. 
We love it there- no crowds and a diving board. 

I'm looking forward to a great summer!

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